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Make money with your art

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Becoming a full-time artist and finding ways to make money with your art is a remarkable journey that unfolds over time, shaped by dedication and fueled by creativity. It's not an overnight success story but rather a path where each brushstroke and idea builds the road ahead. Along this artistic expedition, one vital lesson became clear: being open to diverse ways of expressing art while staying mindful of what truly resonates with your unique creative spirit is the key to flourishing.

Allow me to share the avenues I explored in my own artistic odyssey. These paths might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they proved to be my guiding stars on the map to full-time artistry.

  1. Merch: Transforming popular art pieces into merchandise is a smart move. Create a unique connection with your audience and rotate designs strategically. The best way I did this was to put designs out for a limited time and pull them when I had a new design or two to use. Around the holidays is when I’ll put up the best sellers again.

  2. Painted Ornaments: Don't limit your canvas. Delight customers with artful ornaments, perfect for seasonal charm. You can get real creative with this idea too. Try thrifting for small items that are light weight to paint over or recreate with your own style.

  3. Commissions Galore: Personalized art commissions are typically a go to every now and then. However, they do take up take and may prevent you from producing your own personal work. So it’s good to give yourself enough time for commissions and your own work.

  4. Book Sales: Pen your creative journey or illustrate captivating narratives. Books can be a lucrative avenue for artistic expression. I created my art book based off sketches I created with a simple color scheme. They were just some practiced sketches for TikTok videos and a few finished pieces compiled into a book. It’s still up for sale here.

  5. Art Collabs: Collaborate and conquer! Join forces with fellow artists for diverse styles under the same prompt. There are many different ways to collab without actually meeting up in person. One art collab I did was in personan and we live streamed until 3 in the morning and then spent another hour recording videos for social media! It’s still one of my most popular videos!

  6. Murals: Take art to the streets. Murals not only beautify spaces but also boost your portfolio and reputation. Not all murals have to be big walls, they can also be On fences or in homes.

  7. Live Streaming Brilliance: Go live and shine! Interact with admirers and potential clients on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook in real-time. This gave me great insight into who my audience actually was.

Combining art collabs with live streams can be a game-changer. Late nights might be involved, but the results are worth every stroke and drop of caffeine.

Always keep your finger on the pulse of social media trends. Utilize platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to showcase your art and engage your audience. Share your creative process, and link videos to your website for easy access to your portfolio.

So, is it possible to be a full-time artist? Absolutely! Which of these avenues ignites your artistic passion? How do you envision your creative journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below; I'd love to hear your story.


Design. Murals. Vision.

Axiom Echo

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